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Asking Alexandria was the second band i had ever seen. I was so excited when i got to see them. They will never be just a band to me. They will forever be my heros. It was on November 3rd 2013. A.A is my all time favorite band. I’ve been listening to them for years. Anyway, when I went to see them, there were several other bands playing also. I was front and center with my friend, having the time of our lives. There were a lot of crowd surfers. At one point during Attila, someone tapped my shoulder and i turned around, next thing i knew i was on the ground. I got kicked really hard in the face by a surfer. I spit in my hand, thinking i had dirt in my mouth, but found out it was my teeth. I started having a panic attack. The guards pulled me up over the fence and helped me into the lobby. A ton of people that were behind me, came out to see if i was okay, that is one of my best memories. The people their didnt even know me, but made sure i was okay, and that made me cry even more because it made me happy. I called my Mum to tell her what had happened and she wanted me home. A.A hadn’t played yet so i begged her to let me stay. My right top front tooth way in half with my nerve sticking out so everytime i hit it it felt like someone stabbing me. After arguing with my Mum she let me stay. I found my way upfront, just in time for A.A. I was on the left side of the stage. I totally forgot about my tooth in the middle of them playing the first song and just went crazy. I had my hands flying in the air and Ben, who i love more then anything, pointed to me and blew me a kiss. I started crying. I ended up leaving before the end. Only missing one song. My friend and i were driving around the building and saw A.A’s tour bus. We stopped and got out. We waited in the freezing cold for almost an hour. Finally we saw Danny, Sam, and Cam. I got my pictures with them and everything. Then i turned around and Ben was standing right behind me. I started crying again, and told him the whole story about my tooth. I remember the look on his face was just pure worry. He kept telling me that i need to get them fixed, and he feels really bad. That was the best day of my life. I did get my teeth fixed, and ended up seeing them again, but didnt meet them. I wish i couldve seen Ben again just to tell him i got them fixed. I think hed be happy.